Lavanya's Fantasy Suites

Founded in 2006 and re-founded in 2022 and serving up the best in luxury and style in Second Life. Rent suites for your first date, your honeymoon, your secret escape. And buy gift cards for the loves of your life.

Take free tours of all suites before you book. You'll have complete control of the security system. And enjoy some of the most sensual spaces and amenities in completely unique spaces crafted just for LFS.

While you're here you can also enjoy Lovers Nation's free sim-wide public park. Make new friends, wander the grounds, and lose yourself in the beauty of private nooks just for you and your partners.

We guarantee you'll love your stay. Just let us know if you have any problems. And definitely let us know what you loved about your experience.


Garden in the Woods

Slow down for a while. Leave your smartphone and time behind in this secret hideaway outside your mountain retreat. Let the smell of pine trees and a wood stove heating a cozy hot tub drift over you. Set the unfinished pots aside and close the screen door to hide away from the mosquitos for a quiet evening in the middle of nowhere.

La Parisienne

Step into the private apartment in downtown Paris of a French art aficionado and bookworm. Enjoy a relaxed dinner together and conversation followed by a steamy night on whichever surfaces you find yourselves.

The Penthouse

Your somewhat kinky and eccentric friend let you borrow his penthouse apartment just outside of town for the weekend. He’s got interesting taste in art but knows how to entertain his guests in style. Time to make some fun memories.